New! KS2 Revision Packs



What does it do?
National Curriculum Mapper (NC Mapper) allows you to show coverage of the national curriculum in your school. Firstly, select which programmes of study are covered within a medium term plan. This feeds automatically into a whole school overview which tells you which programmes of study are covered, when they are covered, and how many times they are covered, subject by subject.It has a built in optional planning feature (not suitable for printing). Designed for Key Stage 1 and 2.

What are the requirements?
You will need microsoft excel (some features will not work with versions older than 2002). You will also need to 'enable macros' when opening the spreadsheet.

What are the limitations in the demo?
The demo includes one set of optional planning grids and programmes of study for each year group 1 to 6. It also includes the whole school overview sheets for art and design, and English speaking and listening. The full version has 6 termly sheets for each year group 1 to 6, and the school overview for all curriculum areas.

What are the costs?

This is now a retired product and can be downloaded for free above.

Further Information
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