New! Decimal Assessment System v4.0

Since the change to the curriculum in 2014, these are all now unsupported and free to download. Primary Tools now has more sophisticated curriculum assessment trackers available here.

What does it do?<

NCat (National Curriculum Attainment Target) Tracker is a tool that quickly allows you to see the progress of a class against National Curriculum Attainment Target Statements. It includes the following features:

  • View the progress of a class (up to 36 pupils) on one sheet from level 1 through to 5 (to level 4 for MFL)

  • Tracks when a statement has been met by entering a date, term (for example Y3T2) to cross reference for evidence, or by inputting a rating

  • Allows you to set a statement as a target for a pupil

  • Gives a colour coded, easy on the eye view of class progress

  • There is a version available for each statutory curriculum subjec

What are the requirements?
You will need microsoft excel (some features will not work with versions older than 2002). It is also advisable to 'enable macros' when opening the spreadsheet. Try/use the free versions below.

NCat Version



Art & Design

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P.E., Music, M.F.L.,
History, Design & Technology

English, Maths, Science

Further Information<

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