New! KS2 Revision Packs

Designed first and foremost with children’s needs at heart, a complete assessment system for writing, reading and mathematics from Year 1 to Year 6 that includes Next Steps Bookmarks for pupils and parents/carers, Assessment Sheets for teachers, and a powerful free Tracking System for leaders.


Year 5 Examples
Year 5 Child-Friendly Writing and Maths Bookmarks

New in Version 4

  • All resources are now editable in MS Word 2010 or later
  • Addition of Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards to further motivate learning
  • Assessment Framework Criteria now in bold on the Bookmarks in addition to the Assessment Sheets for Writing and Reading
  • Option to include your school logo instead of the logo.
  • For Pupils and Parents/Carers

    The system aims to inform pupils of the next steps needed to progress their learning. The bookmarks and the assessment sheets can be used as stand-alone items, or alongside each other. Why not share a paper copy with parents/carers so they can help at home and at parents/carers meetings?

    For Teachers

    The system is also designed to be easily picked up by teachers. A recommended process is found in the samples (see below), although the school is free to adapt as needed.

    Adaptable Usage Guidance

    For School Leaders

    The system also creates a Decimal Score that can be used for tracking and informing planning for the needs of your pupils. It is recommended that the free tracking system is used although the tools and systems can easily be adapted to compliment an existing system.


    Assessment Criteria

    All the criteria are editable. Most of the next steps (assessment criteria) already provided have been taken directly from the main National Curriculum (2014). Additionally, some of the next steps are taken from the appendices of the National Curriculum and the Assessment Frameworks used at the end of Year 2 and Year 6.


    Samples, Pricing and Ordering

    All samples are from Year 3 and come in a non-editable pdf format. Full versions come in an editable MS Word format (requires 2010 version or later).

    Writing Reading Mathematics
    Child Friendly Next Step Bookmarks
    Child Friendly Next Step Bookmarks
    Arithmetic Next Step Bookmarks
    Standard Next Step Bookmarks
    Standard Next Step Bookmarks
    Standard Next Step Bookmarks
    Assessment Sheets
    Assessment Sheets
    Assessment Sheets
    All Writing Resources
    All Reading Resources
    All Mathematics Resources

    All Writing, Reading and Mathematics Resources listed above
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    Version 5.2 - Free!*


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    Documentation v5.2
    (including Terms and Conditions - pdf)


    Versions and Editing

    All materials in the current versions are now editable although the first page and headers/footers remain protected for copyright reasons. You will need Microsoft Word 2010 or later.
    Next Steps Bookmarks: Choose to use the Standard Bookmarks (which match the steps on the Assessment Sheets) or Child Friendly Bookmarks which have the same next steps in the same order as the Standard Version and Assessment Sheets, but rewritten to be more accessible to pupils and parents.

    Terms and Conditions

    *Full terms and conditions can be found here. The materials are for use by you and your school. They may not be passed to a third party or stored openly/publicly online. Additional conditions apply to the use of the free tracker (see documentation). More information available from the pricing page.